Vocational Training Institute Management Software

Vocational Training Institute Management Software offered by eduZilla.in is an web based software application used for Managing day to day operations of any Training Institute.

It eases the work flow of Institute operations and maintains cetralized tracking system of all business functions. It allows the data to be accessed virtually from anywhere on internet with secured login access and password.

Ease of use

It is a simple and easy to use Voocational Training Institute Management Software. The dashboard provides "To Do" list of priorities sorted using date and time. It gives a quick overview of the enquiries in progress, fee reminders, follow up reminders, admission status etc.

Branch Management

The Voocational Training Institute Management Software, eduzilla offers ability to manage multiple branches, branch users through the master admin login.

Material & Certificate Requests

Raise material requests such as study books, excercise worksheets, Study notes, Certificates. The store department can release the material to respective student and maintain the track of the same.

User Management

Create user access for counselor, accountant, branch manager, teaching staff and super admin users.

Staff & Student Attendance

Maintain student attendance records, staff attendance records.


Generate flexible reports of enquiries, admissions by dates, branches, subjects. The reports can be summary reports as well as detailed reports. The summary report offers PIE chart representation. Attendance reports can be generated for students and staff. Income and expense reports can be generated too.