Coaching Classes Software

Coaching Classes Software is a web based SAAS specially designed to ease the administration and academic workload for the coaching classes. Coaching Classes offer most valuable educational support to students who need assistance in learning the academic syllabus.

Managing coaching classes is not an easy task. Many coaching classes start their first batch of the day, as early as 6 am in the morning. The teaching quality must be maintained at par and attention on individual student is key to success of a coaching class business. It requires huge efforts for coaching tutors to guide students, identify the weak areas in their learning and give them support to overcome the weakness. Coaching classes help students to gain confidence in their studies and also get good grades / marks in their school exams.

 Muti-Tasking, Daily Coordination & Real Time Attendance

coaching class software featuresCoaching class business carry a highly serious responsibility on their shoulders and must meet expectations of the parents. A small coaching class with a couple of batches may not face any administration challenges but as the business grows to mid sized level, it becomes critical to handles and coordinate the business activities without any help from the coaching class software.

Day to day challenges faced by coaching class administrators includes maintaining records of student attendance, the material inventory, fees reminders & collections. The parents are concerned about their ward’s attendance in their respective classes and expect a acknowledgement of the same by a SMS or mobile notification. eduZilla Coaching Class Software offers 100% automation in this. Just link your biometric machine (Model eSSL X990) with our cloud and we send SMS, Email and Android App notification instantly.

Challenges Faced in Dynamic Lecture Scheduling Every Week

coaching class schedulerThe lecture scheduling in coaching classes is no less difficult task. To check availability of staff, the classrooms and avoid any clashes among them is a herculean task that must be done before the week begins.

The eduZilla Coaching Class Software simply takes away all these worries and makes it possible through it’s Smart Scheduler. You just start adding relevant data of the tutors, classrooms and subjects and towards the end of each batch check for any conflict, just with a click of a mouse. This reduces your weekly scheduling burden by almost 80%. That is why we call it as smart scheduling.



Instant SMS. Email and Android App Notifications made Possible

coaching class sms softwareNotifications to students and parents is the next critical task for the coaching class management. The schedule needs to be updated via email to students as well as parents before week begins.

If you are doing this conventionally using an excel spreadsheet  or google docs you will end up sending emails manually. But with eduZilla Coaching Class Software there is no manual work to be done. All notifications are sent using easy to use interface where you select the batches to whom you wish to send the message and send it. This not only automates the task but also reduces any possibility of human error where the person may miss to update the contact.

The eduZilla Coaching Class Software offers ability to manage multiple branches, branch users through the master admin login. Create user access for counselor, accountant, branch manager, teaching staff and super admin users. Our Coaching Class Software generates reports and gives you in-depth analysis of enquiries, admissions sorted by branches as well as subjects. The reports can be in he form of summary reports or well formated detailed reports. The summary reports are built in the form of graphical representation for easy grasp of business scenario. The type of reports include attendance of students and staff. Income and expense reports, staff performance reports, lead analysis reports and class test reports.