Reports section gives ability to keep eye on the entire business activity at a click of a mouse. It helps the management to make an informed decision on daily basis as well as helps in planning the future.

  • It gives a perfect control by offering complete financial records of income and expenditure.
  • Enquiry and Admission reports with choice of filters including name, source, date, person handling the leads and more choices.
  • Monthly reports can be generated using choices of filters as required.
  • Summarize and chart reports available for a better overview of various business metrics.
  • Financial reports: For each branch like Total Fee collection, pending fee report, cancelled enrollment, terminated enrollment.
  • Reports of completed course/ batch
  • Batch Schedule Report: Track course progress schedule for each batch along with completed and pending lectures, the timeframe required for each batch etc.
  • Exams schedules and results : View detailed as well as summarized reports based on branch, batch and exams.
  • Attendance reports: You can fetch attendance reports based on various filters like daily/ weekly as well as selecting particular course and batch.
  • You can view/print daily attendance, list of absentees, monthly attendance and export data to Spreadsheet for further processing.
  • Student performance Reports: Individual student’s lecture attendance, exam test reports, online test reports. A graphical chart depicting month by month progress and comparison of the particular student with class average.