Course Management

Every Institute offering a variety of courses faces a challenge to organise the course information concisely. The courses are multi-module, with some modules could be part of multiple courses, thus making it further difficult to manage.

The students prefer to enroll in entire course or an individual module. Sometimes the common modules from various courses need to be carried out by combining students from different courses under same batch. We have learnt such complexities over the years of interaction with various institutes and built flexible software which can accommodate all such business needs.

You can define individual modules as well as clubbed packages. The enrollment is possible for individual modules or for the packaged course. You can choose the subjects that are added for each course. The same subjects are then used for the timetable.

You can pre fill all the fees details of each course as well as create installment packages. This makes your enrollment task extremely easy as almost 90% information is readily available at the time of admission, saving the time of staff as well as students.