Branch Management

Training Institute Branch management feature allows you to effectively control operation in a multi-branch structure. You can create branch level users with access permissions based on the user role. This gives effective control for branch level users to view data only related to particular branch and also limited to the user’s role.

It allows to generate reports for individual branch or a combined for all branches giving a better picture of the business and helps to make improved decisions. Activities in each branch can be monitored at ease. Business rules can be set to raise alerts if any target metrics are not achieved.

An in-depth analysis is possible using the reports for individual branch for number of enquiries, conversion ratio, average number of follow-ups required for conversion, average time duration required for conversion, annual report with month wise view of best performing and less performing month cycles. You can do comparison of various branches performance on various metrics such as total leads generated, total enrollments and total fees collected on monthly basis.